MG Consulting was founded in 2010 by Giuseppe Martignoni with the aim of supporting  European companies working in the metalmechanic field to find new markets  and to develop new products according to demanding  customers requirements.

We can offer our technical expertise, developed during more than twenty years spent in the steel forging, bronze and mechanical sectors. Our commercial skills both to seeking the right products for the customers and expanding their market shares and their customers' portfolio.

Inspite of competition, we have a large customer base using our represented companies' products and services. The reason being, we donīt compromise on our quality, pricing and timely delivery. The quality and the service we provide our customer is first-rate.   

In our daily contacts with the customers, we collect inquiries, submit offers and suggest technical solutions, negotiate orders and design new market strategies.

Our major customers include international industrial groups leading in designing and manufacturing industrial planes in the enrgy, mechanic and manufatoring field.

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